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This is our greatest strenght as solving problems is our hobby. Not only because it comes naturally for us easily, but also because we truly enjoy doing it. The more complex the problems are, the more exhilarated and energized we are in solving them.  

We are quick at identifying problems because it is what we do everyday. We are naturaly built/designed to do it. The long list of solved problems under our belt are proofs that we just happen to be blessed with capability to solve problems that many other experienced managers may have failed to do.

As you can see from samples of what we have done, all of our solutions are naturally effective, innovative, systematic, logical, and cost-efficient and most importantly: Strategic. Our solutions will solve the problems permanently because we view short-fix as inefficient and we can’t stand inefficiency.

We are happy to lay out the detail plans to solve your problems, but we are happier when we supervise or even carry out the implementations of the plans to completion. It’s just more satisfying for us that way.



When your company has never gone through a health check or risk assessment, it is always a good idea to check the strenght of your systems and designs. If we find problems within your systems, we will share our suggestions for the solutions to you free of additional charges because that’s just what we love to do.  It will be up to you whether to implement them or not or whether you would seek our further help to implement the changes. No pressure. But at least you will know the health status of your systems and make informed decisions on what to do about it.



Mystery shopper is a service that we provide to help companies understand what truly happen in the market at the retail level.  We have a team of trained professionals who understand the importance of being the eyes and ears that help clients understand the processes at the point of sales. This service is excellent for you to check, among many others:

  • Whether your promotional items are displayed properly at the store
  • Whether your promotion team perform their tasks properly
  • Whether you discounts are passed on to customers
  • Whether your promotional events are done properly and in full
  • Whether your cashiers process the purchases property
  • And many more.

When we perform this task for you, we will also help identify problems that exist at your point of sale, and also suggest solutions for you because solving problem is just a natural thing for us.

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